Diamonds are a girls best friend.


I lost one of my diamond earrings a few days ago. I was sad. The earrings were a gift from my dad many decades ago and they had become my “go to, everyday” earrings. Touching them, wearing them, seeing them always reminded me of dad.

I carefully put the remaining single stud in my jewelry box knowing that I would always keep it there, all by itself. It’s solitary status among the sparkling jewels reminiscent of so many of the traits dad and I have in common.

Yesterday I found the lost earring, right on the floor of my bedroom. I had walked there every single day, several times a day. However, there it was plain as day, missing its backing, but calling for me to find it in the knots of the carpet.

When I picked it up my first thought was “dad went away for a couple of days, but he’s back now.” I am wearing the earrings once more and I’m not sure if I’ll ever take them out again.


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