Homemaker at Heart

Some say being a homemaker is passé these days. Having lots of rooms and others to decorate and clean them is often what makes a house a showpiece. However, I thrive on making our home an oasis in the world for my family.


When the children were small, laughter, play, exploration and safety was the fabric of our home. Imagination thrived as dress-up, art, books and nature consumed our daily lives. We were in awe of each other and the wonders of the world. Our busy days ended when we curled up on the couch each evening. The days fell away as the warm blanket of love wrapped us all together. We grew sleepy and magically drifted to the place “Where the Wild Things Are.”

As years passed and play and exploration no longer required parental supervision, I strove to make our home a respite from the stress of growing older. In our home, friend fights, mean teachers and occasional lapses of judgement were tucked in with the promise of a return to brighter days. Even when the children tried their hardest to push us away, we stood strong, tall and together, each evening making repairs to the walls of our fortress, keeping our home intact so the children would know they are loved and safe.


As the children have grown to be adults, some with children of their own, I continue to strive to make our home a combination of all these things – a place to play, a place where judgement is left at the door and we can bask in what really makes a home – family.

When Hannah leaves in the fall I will miss the ritual of getting up and making breakfast each school day, reminding the children (and myself) that each day brings new adventure, dreams to fulfill and new stories to write. I’ve been doing that for almost 30 years. Soon, I will be having breakfast alone and planning how my home will nourish me now. I will continue to make our home a respite from the world. I will be planning our family celebrations.

I have lived in many houses, but it is not the structure that makes the home, it is the faith, beauty and love inside that binds a family.

P4163736 2.jpg

8 thoughts on “Homemaker at Heart

  1. Lovely, Kris. PS Did I see you in the crowd at the Indians game last … Saturday? Red shirt. Hair in braids on top of head? Big smile.

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  2. What a beautiful family photo! I loved this. I hope one day I’m able to make a home like that. At the moment my aim is to make my home as cosy as possible, but it’s not a forever home and I have no kids (yet?) so I hope that whenever that day comes it will shift and change into a place of imagination like yours! You sound like such a great mother. Your kids are lucky to have you.

  3. The imagery of your home brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart! I am so blesses to have you in my life, Miss Kris. Love you! Deborah

  4. This is so great! It made me emotional. My daughter is just 18 months and time just flies by way to fast, but I try to do the same for her. Make this house, our house a home. Sounds like you’ve done a great job. Glad I found your site. Look forward to reading more!

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