Through Advent and Beyond!


This year, I’m not mailing Christmas Cards.

This year, the Advent season has been different for me. Instead of running around full throttle in the joy and anticipation of the holiday, seeking people, parties and presents I am seeking solitude. At first I thought this was my bah-humbug year, but I have determined that it is actually my season of connection.  I have so much to be thankful for, but in the wake of hardship and tragedy I have no desire to gloat about it.

This year, I approach the season with’s description of Advent:  “a coming into place, view, or being; arrival.” I am coming into a place of balance, with a determined point of view – a renewed sense of being.  I feel as though I have arrived, full circle, to a place that draws on my experiences, passions and abilities to create a life and a world with love and hope.

This year, I quietly anticipate the arrival of family to cocoon in the warmth of the holiday glow – to hold each other and feel peace. We will send that love out into the world and I hope that you will feel its touch.


OK. Done with the existential crap now. In 2013 I plan to travel.  I also plan to continue working to rebuild New Jersey and will go wherever early responders may be needed. I will also fight vigorously for sensible gun control and to make our urban death zones safer.

If you want to help,  please visit these sites:

 Wishing you much love for Christmas and the New Year. DSCF0435

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A perfectly middle-aged woman desperately trying to figure out what to do if she grows up. Her current state of consciousness involves revisiting passions from her youth as well as exploring new territory. Music, photography, family and food are very important to her, although politics, animals, friends and travel are well known to keep her entertained as well.

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